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TV Veiwing

How much TV do you watch?  In a day?  In a week?  In a month?  In a year?

How much does this cost you?

With my wife and I selling our condo and moving, we have been looking at ways to cut back and gain us a little more income to put towards a home; TV was one of the first thoughts in our minds.  On a related note I have been thinking in my little brain about ways to get more time and money for things that I want most out of my time on earth.  TV was one of the first things to “ding” for me in this regard as well.  Not only does the cost of my cable television keep me up at nights (Seriously I think it’s WAY over priced) but also I got to thinking about the time involved and what the TOTAL cost of my television viewing is.

Thankfully some majorly smart people have also done a lot of thinking on this subject and have provided you and I with some great resources to help us become educated about and change our TV use patterns.  Not recently written, though full of helpful tips, I discovered this article where the author discusses his experience with cutting out almost all of his television viewing for his dream job and saving $ for his retirement!  In it he talks about the time benefits and breaks down the TOTAL cost of TV (cost of owning a TV, i.e. the TV service, and the value of the time you spend watching that TV).  Super interesting to think of it in terms of the cost of the device and service but also ADDING the time cost to it.  Call me dumb and slow, but this had never really occurred to me before recently.

So after reading this article I did some number crunching and came up with the following: according to MSN’s Moneycentral calculator an hour of my time is worth $12,78.  Kinda sad to have it quantified like that, but there it is.  I also figured that I watch on average 18 hours of television a week.  Doing a quick bit of math gives me now that my television costs me, including my cable bill, on average $1.000,00 every month!  That’s a lot of green that I could put to better use elsewhere as well as potentially 72 hours that I could spend learning something new or improving a skill I already have!

So what?  Now that I’ve done some math (yeah for me for remembering how to do math!) what do I do about these numbers?  I’m going to personally try to follow some helpful tips from the article mentioned above; Decide on an hour allowance, Decide on any exempt shows, Create a list of alternative activities and Start new projects!

I love my television so this will be a hard task to follow through on, but I have to do some serious soul searching and determine what my priorities really are.  When I do this, my soul tells me that TV viewing doesn’t really make the cut.  Besides with so many other venues available to us to choose what TV we watch (Hulu, Boxee, NetFlix, and many others) why not give it a try?  So here I go…wish me luck!

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  1. Tara on

    total genius. thanks suga Ü

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